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2014-12-30: Pachelbel's Canon

Two tries at learning the piano ago (2007, according to my archives), I tried learning Lee Galloway's arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon (here is Galloway himself playing it). That time I gave up when the left-hand sixteenth-notes start; this time I have progressed through this wall:

A couple of slips, and as evidence that my standards are improving, I'm actually a bit frustrated that I haven't been able to iron them out. The jump from eighth-notes to sixteenth-notes is one I struggle with tempo-wise; there are also some chord changes that I'd like to be smoother. But I've immersed myself in Pachelbel for the past week and a bit (about 30-35 hours of practice time – I'm on holidays), and I'd like to move on to something else. So now's a good time to update these diaries, even though I'll keep working at Pachelbel, at a rate rather less than three hours per day.

Not shown in my YouTube video are the numerous and various mistakes I sometimes make elsewhere in the piece. It is almost as fascinating as it is frustrating to just not hit keys or miss chords in the very slow opening few bars (?!?!?!)*, but nevertheless I do it with annoying frequency. That I sometimes miss notes when playing fast and jumping across octaves is something I can live with.

*There's no obvious pattern to it. Sometimes I'll hit a black key too slowly for it to register; occasionally I hit an F natural during the B minor chord, sometimes I just forget which chord comes next and only realise when the bass note sounds wrong.

Task for me to do some time: study Galloway's left hand play. Either he's not playing the same chord pattern as me, or he's far more economical in his arm movement.

Recorded, written, and posted 2014-12-30.

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