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NSW above-the-line preference explorer

This page contains an explorer for above-the-line preferences in New South Wales, from preferences 1 through 3. For 1-6, you can download a zip file (18.8 MB), which you can extract and view locally (extract all files to the same folder, and view atl_nsw.html). The size of the NSW dataset really taxes my laptop and its 4GB of RAM – in Chrome it thinks for the better part of a minute before crashing the tab, but it does eventually run in Firefox. I switched off the Google Map to try to conserve memory; if you have memory to spare you should be able to swap in atl_explorer_map_v4.js (from one of the other preference explorer downloads) for atl_explorer_nomap_v4.js, editing the relevant line in atl_nsw.html.

About 85.5% of ATL voters preferenced 1-6; about 9.3% stopped before 6 (5% being 1 only) and the rest continued on past 6. About 94.6% of formal votes were above the line.

The Google map has the electorates coloured according to the selected preference sequence; on mobile the map should appear below this text and above the selectors and the main table. On a sufficiently wide window on a desktop, the map should be to the right of the tables. I apologise if my hard-coded design choices go horribly wrong on your screen.

Click on cells in the left-hand table below to explore the preferences. The 'percentages' option will ensure that each column sums to 100% when a single preference is being studied; the 'total percentages' option will show each number of votes as a percentage of all formal ATL votes in the division/state. The table to the right (you might have to scroll sideways on mobile) shows the comparison of the highlighted preferences across the divisions. The various table type options may be opaque; I have tried to make the title of the right-hand table clear once you start clicking on cells.

A cross table (see guide) simulates clicking on each cell of the right-most clicked-on column (or the first column is no cell has been clicked on), copying the next column of the main table into a row of the cross table. It also creates a second cross table, with the vote column from the division table copied into a column of the cross table. The cross table calculation for "Preference sources" takes a couple of minutes on my phone.

Show party abbreviations.

Posted 2016-08-04, updated 2016-08-07 (new features), updated 2016-08-28 (cross tables).

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