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LIS income data

The Luxembourg Income Study Database contains various income measures at selected percentiles for different countries over the last few decades. I think that a series of 2D plots would be better than a 3D plot for this sort of time series data, but it works as an example in how to create a scatterplot with lines joining the points in each series together.

You can change the percentile with the drop-down menus below the plot. (I don't know what the story is with France's p5 in 2010.) Values are equivalised disposable household incomes.

Mouse controls: Left-click and drag to rotate; alt (Mac)- or ctrl (Windows)-click-drag or middle-click-drag to pan; scroll or shift-click-drag to zoom. Touch screen controls: one finger to rotate; two-finger scroll to pan; pinch to zoom. Click/tap on the cube icons to snap to a side-on view.




You can see how the plot is constructed in the HTML source:

Posted 2016-12-22.

Home > three_d.js > Examples