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Lorenz attractor

The Lorenz system is a system of three ordinary differential equations, with the variables x, y, and z evolving in time; for the right set of parameters, the system has a strange attractor, and it looks pretty. A Google image search for 'chaos theory' shows (at the time of writing) six Lorenz attractor trajectories in the first ten images, so it is perhaps a little over-used. But I'm nevertheless very happy with being able to rotate and zoom on one as it's evolving.

Click 'Evolve' underneath the plot to get it going; my Galaxy S3 has no trouble with the computation, which is a fourth-order Runge-Kutta. Axes are switched off by default for aesthetic reasons, but you can click/tap on the controls to switch them on.

Mouse controls: Left-click and drag to rotate; alt (Mac)- or ctrl (Windows)-click-drag or middle-click-drag to pan; scroll or shift-click-drag to zoom. Touch screen controls: one finger to rotate; two-finger scroll to pan; pinch to zoom.


You can see how the plot is constructed in the HTML source:

Posted 2016-12-22.

Home > three_d.js > Examples