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Prize allocation for chess tournaments

This page implements a method for allocating prizes across different divisions – open, rating groups, and “special” categories where eligibility is not linked to rating (e.g. a Best Junior prize). It is modelled closely on the NSWCA algorithm.

Define one or more prizes in each category (use 0 for an unrated group), and paste a Vega cross- or standings table into the text area. The script will search for fields “NAME”, “Rtg” or “Elo”, and “Pts” above a line of hyphens. If you have defined special categories, then you will need to define the players eligible for each category; only those in realistic contention for a special prize need be ticked.

Accuracy of my implementation is not guaranteed!

Open and rating group prizes

Rating groupComma-separated prizes 1st, 2nd, ...
Add group

Special prizes (e.g. Junior, Women's)

CategoryComma-separated prizes 1st, 2nd, ...
Add category

Unrated players are

Posted 2023-02-20.

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