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COVID-19 bar charts

This page is inspired by The Guardian's page of bar charts. The graphs on this page show data by week rather than by day. The latest single day of data is always the end of a week, so the charts tomorrow will be slightly different to the charts yesterday.

The y-axis variable and the sorting of countries is independent. Choose the settings you want and then press the update button to re-calculate/re-order the charts.

The "accelerating" options for the sorting are an attempt to find where cases (or deaths) are rising fast or (with reverse sort) falling; the acceleration is defined as the most recent week's cases (or deaths) divided by the total of the last four weeks' cases (or deaths), with some fudges to handle zeroes.

Data is sourced from Our World in Data, which used the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control as its source until 30 November 2020, and from that date uses Johns Hopkins University.

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Posted 2020-06-28,
updated 2020-07-04 (bug fix on acceleration definition),
updated 2020-11-30 (changed data source).

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