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Australian election statistics

This page contains a statistical interface for House of Representative elections since 1901. Various graphic options are available; the first icon in the set below is for tables, which list the results in each electorate in a chosen year and state. (Tables may take 20 seconds or so (?!) to load in some browsers.)

Data | Vignettes | TPP tables | SA/Tas 1901

Sources (and much more) are detailed on the data page; the online sources I relied on most heavily are Adam Carr's Psephos, the AEC, Ben Raue's Tally Room, and the Wikipedia candidate pages for names and party affiliations, from 1901 onwards. I thank The Guardian's Nick Evershed and Gabriel Dance for the "circle" map idea.

Two-party-preferred (TPP) results and preference flows are always reported as the Labor share. Swings do not take into account redistributions. South Australia and Tasmania were multi-member electorates for 1901 and are excluded from the statistics. Preference flows and TPP figures prior to 1983 are often estimates. Various other notes and bugs are listed below. Show notes.


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The graphs and map overlays were written with d3.js.

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