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1901 results in South Australia and Tasmania

This is a static page of results tables. South Australia and Tasmania were multi-member electorates for the 1901 election. To make the statistics easier, I therefore excluded both states from all statistics calculated elsewhere, and instead am presenting their results tables on this separate page.

South Australia

South Australia used bloc voting: voters could vote for up to seven candidates, and the seven candidates with the most votes were elected. Sources differ as to the turnout and informal voting; I am basing my figures on the tables in The Register, 10 April, p6, and The Chronicle, 13 April, p36. (The latter has a breakdown of all results by state electorate, which may be of interest.)

Henry BakerFT1576025.15
Lee BatchelorALP3161450.46
Sir Langdon BonythonProt3943462.94
Robert CaldwellProt2110233.68
John CookeProt894714.28
Paddy GlynnFT3745059.77
Frederick HolderFT3742459.73
Charles KingstonProt4147766.20
George MitchellInd17452.79
John O'ConnellProt31525.03
Alexander PoyntonFT2586441.28
Thomas PriceALP2401938.34
Vaiben SolomonFT2703043.14
Crawford VaughanFT1187418.95
Thomas WebbFT935714.93
Richard WoodFT1105417.64
George WyldProt28584.56

Enrolment: 154281, turnout 40.61% (62653 voted).


Tasmania used Hare-Clark with Hare quota. The following results table is adapted from the table in the Mercury, 5 April 1901, p4. O'Malley could also be classified as Protectionist.

NamePartyPrimaryBr. surp.O'M. surp.Bl. prefsFe. prefsWh. prefsHa. prefsCa. surp.
David BlanshardInd1400.041420.041490.04Excl.
Sir Edward BraddonFT47231.31Quota
Norman CameronFT20920.5824760.6924950.6925680.7126520.7428140.7836801.02Quota
Charles FentonProt9420.2610210.2810510.2910730.30Excl.
Sir Philip FyshProt17940.5020090.5620400.5720600.5725150.7028530.7931330.8731580.88
William HartnollFT14300.4016800.4717000.4717090.4718420.5120080.56Excl.
King O'MalleyALP39401.09Quota
Frederick PiesseFT18180.5019880.5520180.5620260.5622440.6224230.6729960.8330430.84
James WhitelawProt11600.3211750.3313700.3813850.3815180.42Excl.

Enrolment: 39528, turnout 46.98%.

Posted 2015-09-03.

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