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Senate preference explorer

This is a Windows/Mac application to explore Senate preferences. History:

The AEC publishes every formal Senate vote, and since the voting system reforms of 2016, these provide an incredibly rich dataset of Australian public opinion. I've written a Windows/Mac OS X desktop program to explore these preferences. The downloads come in two parts:

Then load the preferences into the program by clicking on the 'Load preferences...' button and start clicking around. Some calculations for the larger states may take a while, but in ordinary use during testing, it's rarely taken longer than 30 seconds to generate a table, and usually it gets calculated in under 10 seconds.

If you find a bug, let me know via Twitter or email dw.barry@gmail.com.

Source code is available on Github. I wrote it with Qt, which presents itself as a cross-platform framework. I started writing it in Ubuntu; it took a day or two to port it to Windows, with the most severe problem being in the capturing of variables for lambda functions; it took a day or two to port it to Mac, with the most severe problem being the clang compiler's std::sort function often comparing an element to itself, a case I hadn't anticipated.

Simplified web-based explorers are available for 2016 and for 2019.

Posted 2019-06-17.
Updated 2019-07-07 (version 1.1).
Updated 2019-07-21 (version 1.2).
Updated 2019-08-02 (version 1.21, Mac).

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