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sinc function surface

The plot below shows the surface of z = sinc(r), where r = √(x2 + y2). Below the plot are some controls, which show basic manipulation of the surface and mesh. There are also mouseover and click/tap events on the surface/mesh nodes, which may be slow in Internet Explorer.

Mouse controls: Left-click and drag to rotate; alt (Mac)- or ctrl (Windows)-click-drag or middle-click-drag to pan; scroll or shift-click-drag to zoom. Touch screen controls: one finger to rotate; two-finger scroll to pan; pinch to zoom. Click/tap on the cube icons to snap to a side-on view.

Mesh colours: 0x update
Colour scale:

The uniform mesh colour in the textbox above will be parsed as a hex number when you click 'update'. When the mesh colour is set to a uniform constant, there is no way to change particular node colours.

You can see how the plot is constructed in the HTML source (where you can also see the custom colour scale defined, along with some other possibilities there, commented out):

Posted 2016-12-22.

Home > three_d.js > Examples